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 Welcome to Sundown Publishing


        Welcome to the Sundown Publishing Web Site. Our goal is to provide you with useful information which we hope will make it easier for you to know about our artists and writers.

Eleanor and John Briskey established SUNDOWN RECORDS in 1981 and began serving the music industry with the installation and operation of a vinyl record manufacturing plant at Lawnton, Queensland, Australia. We were the second last such plant to be operating in Australia and closed the operation in 1993. We then became known as SUNDOWN MUSIC. Since we had many contacts we were able to arrange for the manufacture of cassettes and compact discs for our many clients and also published the works of our artists and writers as SUNDOWN MUSIC PUBLISHING.

In 1997 we began operating as SUNDOWN PUBLISHING and this caters for the publishing for both musicians and authors.  

Sundown Publishing was closed in 2014 but please feel free to contact us.



            Eleanor and John Briskey                            Eleanor, quality control