DAVE REYNOLDS could most easily be described as the ‘quiet achiever’ of Australian Country Music.

A multi-talented guitarist, songwriter and entertainer, Dave has carved a niche over the years with his unique delivery that defies musical labels and boundaries in style and content. His swag of awards is testament to his versatility … ‘Country Singles of the Year’, ‘Best Country Albums’, 'Best Album of the Year' (all categories) and a few ‘Middle of the Road’ awards to round out the list.

While most artists head for the bright lights and city clubs, much of the typical Reynolds’ week is spent often travelling hundreds of kilometres to entertain in smaller centres and towns. There’s more than a touch of empathy with the bush and its folk from a man who spends his time away from music on his cattle property near Caboolture in South-east Queensland.

His style sits comfortably with the current crop of contemporary artists, but for a man who can push out modern country music with the best of them, there’s many an occasion he has sat on the verandah of a country pub musically reminiscing on our great pioneers of the past, such as Shorty Ranger, Slim Dusty and Smoky Dawson (for example).

And now that deep love and respect for Australia, its people and places, has emphatically surfaced with the release, through Sundown Publishing, of his “SONGS OF AUSTRALIA”. On this ambitious project, Dave has thrown a leg-rope around 46 great Aussie songs ranging from classics to some great new originals, thrown them to the ground and tagged them onto four great albums … “EASY GOIN’ AUSSIE”, “BUSH BALLADS OF AUSTRALIA”, “THE REAL MATILDA” and “AUSTRALIAN ANIMAL TRACKS”. There’s fun, nostalgia, stories of the bush and in the case of “21 Guns” and “Such Is Life”, powerful songs that will become fixtures in our musical heritage.  

His latest album, "WHAT LOVE CAN DO FOR YOU" is now available. 

In some respects, DAVE REYNOLDS is a Country Music enigma, but that’s what sets him apart from many of his peers and certainly has won him a legion of fans throughout the world. His undeniable talent which is obvious from his many releases (10 so far) will ensure that the name DAVE REYNOLDS is firmly stamped on Australian Country Music for many years to come. His expertise with song requests is a crowd pleaser. 


                                           Some of Dave's music awards